All Weather Trails in Huddart Park and Wunderlich Park

For many years, it was a dream of local equestrians to be able to ride the single-track trails of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks in the winter. This was impossible because trail treads can be damaged unless they are hardened by applying base rock.  Working with the San Mateo County Parks staff, the MP Foundation team developed a multi-phase project to create 8.5 miles of All-Weather Trails by installing 3.5 million pounds of crushed granite base rock.  For the past winters, during the rainy days and sunny days, equestrians, pedestrians and runners have been enjoying the beautiful, smooth footing of the new All-Weather Trails.  See the pictures and progress of this construction project at  Building the All Weather Trail


All-Weather Trails in Huddart Park - 5.5 miles - 2008-2009


Phase 1 - Lower Loops - November 2008 - 2.74 miles $30,000

All Weather Trails in Huddart Park Trails Phase I


Phase 2 - Upper Loop - October 2009, 2.4 miles $30,000