Wunderlich ByPass Trail




OPEN TO EQUESTRIANS - Noon July 20, 2018.  The County has completed clearing out the brush, adding erosion control measures and fixing some soft edges.  So it is now ready to ride.


In the rains of 2016, there was a major slide on the Alambique Trail, just below the Crossroads that completely blocked access to upper Wunderlich Park. The County built an emergency access fire road, which was too steep for horses, runners and pedestrians (38% slope).


The Mounted Patrol Foundation worked with the County to design and lay out a new Bypass trail for horses, runners and pedestrians. The County reviewed multiple contractors and several plans, including a bridge alternative, and selected Yakima Construction to construct the Bypass trail.   Construction was completed in June 2018.


The team from San Mateo County Parks was key in making these projects happen. Scott Lombardi handled all the contracts, bids and budgeting. Ronnie organized the material and drove the grading and hauling equipment. Ro and Dinora helped with project coordination.


The Mounted Patrol Foundation managed the fundraising for the $24,490 needed to cover the cost of the contractor. The County purchased and delivered the building rocks, base rock and other supplies. We have had great financial support from many individuals and organizations listed below, in particular WHOA: Woodside Horse Owners Association who donated $10,000.


Thanks to all the donors below who supported the building of this trail



Watch a video of equipment building the trail

See the video of the equipment building the trail

Open pictures of the construction and completion of the trail

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