McGarvey Flat Picnic Area Trail



Trail open to Equestrians now - June 11, 2018


Over the last years and during several major rain storms, the creek in McGarvey Gulch washed out the access trail to the McGarvey Flat Picnic Area, which made it inaccessible to hikers and horses. Yakima Construction had brought down trail building equipment for the Wunderlich ByPass trail, and was able to complete it below budget. A new access trail to the McGarvey Flat Picnic Area had been designed and approved, but was in need of resources for construction. The County was able to work out additional funding, purchase materials and develop a schedule for building it. The section of Dean Trail from Chinquapin to the Picnic Area was also in need of base rock  repair which also included.




See the video of the equipment building the trail


Open pictures of the construction and completion of the trail







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