Center Trail Bridge

Several years ago, there was a washout/slide on Bear Gulch Creek that closed the Center Trail.  This is one of the most important trails in Woodside, and it is critical to get it reopened.  The Trails Committee reviewed the washout on the Center Trail and has proposed extending the trail and adding a new bridge across the creek.


The proposed location goes from Town Easement to Town Easement.  The new bridge would require no work in the creek which might help with permits. Below is a picture of a similar bridge.



March, April, May - The Woodside Trails Committee developed a plan to extend the trail and install a new bridge to bypass the washout.


May:  Sean Rose, Woodside town engineer, established a preliminary planning range budget for $145,000 to $200,000 for the complete project. In order for the Town Council to approve moving forward on this project, the proposal needed to show the funding for the high end budget of $200,000.  The Trails Committee voted to use $50,000 from the donation funds. The Town was asked to contribute $35,00 as a Capital Improvement.  The remaining $115 was to come from pledges from the equestrian community.  The Mounted Patrol Foundation led the effort


We want to thank the following for their generous pledges of support


WHOA $25,000
Woodside Trails Club $60,000
Mounted Patrol Foundation $15,000
Woodside Community Foundation-Trails Fund $10,000
Community Horse Advocacy Program - CHAPS $ 5,000
Individual Commitments $11,000



May 28, 2019 - Woodside Town Council unanimously approved   the Concept plan and preliminary budget and funding pledges.


June/July -Town Engineer will be getting bids and estimates for soils report, engineering, construction, survey and other tasks required to develop a final budget plan and schedule.


July/August - Town Council to review and consider approval of the final budget (based upon estimates) and project.


July/August/Sept - Project to begin.  Fundraising to begin.  Permit applications (Fish and Wildlife  Corp of Engineers, etc) to begin.  The Fish and Game permit might take a while.


Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 - If permits are approved and Fish and Wildlife approves the schedule, and the funds are in hand, construction can begin.



Extend the trail and add a new bridge - Easement to Easement


There is a 50 foot wide conservation and equestrian easement on the West side of the Bear Gulch Creek for all properties in the Why Worry Subdivision.  This proposal is to extend the trail along this easement, behind the property at 60 Why Worry Lane. 


The new bridge would be installed over the creek, It would go from the equestrian trail easement on 60 Why Worry Lane, and extend to the easement on 3411 Woodside Road.  The bridge would be 50 feet long and 6 feet wide.  The footings would be setback from the creek edges 8 feet. 


Both sides of the bridge would be on Town easements which simplifies the permit process.  The creek appears to be fairly straight and not much erosion on the banks at this location.  The creek / gully is fairly square and narrow.


This would be a similar layout to the old metal bridge that is upstream from this spot.  That metal bridge is 66 feet long.    There would be no work in the creek, which will simplify the permit process.


New Bridge Design Details


The bridge would be 50 feet long and 6 feet wide.  The footings/abutments would be setback from the creek banks 8 feet, to allow for erosion.  There would be no need to do anything in the creek, which would simplify permit issues.



New Fiberglass Bridge (FRP- Fiber Reinforced Polymer ) details


A new 50 foot Fiberglass bridge that could be assembled on site is being proposed.  Details are below.  Once the Town approves the concept plan, bids will be solicited for the project.    


Steel bridges will ultimately require some type of maintenance due to corrosion.  The Fiber Reinforced Polymer bridges do not require any maintenance and are totally corrosion resistant.  If the bridge site is remote, a steel bridge will need to be installed with a crane and this would be difficult.  Typically, the installation costs for this type of  bridge is  less than a steel bridge.


CAD Drawing of truss side view of fiberglass bridge



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