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The Mounted Patrol Foundation is working with the Sheriff's Activity League to sponsor horse riding activities at Wunderlich Park.  Chaparral Ranch is located at Wunderlich Park, and has a number of good trail horses and qualified wranglers that support the program.  As currently designed, a "session" consists of two days, with a one hour activity each day.  The first day is 1/2 hour of introduction to grooming and saddling a horse, followed by a 1/2 hour training ride in the arena to teach the basics of horsemanship.  The second day is a 1 hour trail ride in the beautiful trails of Wunderlich Park.   We are also trying a two hour session on a single day.  Each "session" will have 4-6 youth, an adult supervisor and two wranglers.   The approximate cost of a session is $720.


We want to thank the following for their generous donations to support this program.

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Woodside Horse Owners Association

is an advocacy organization whose mission is to preserve the fundamental role of horses in maintaining the rural character of the Town of Woodside and neighboring foothill communities, to enhance opportunities for equestrian activities, and to promote the enjoyment of horses in all their various roles.

San Mateo County Parks Foundation

raises funds to support recreational, environmental and educational programs and projects of SMC Parks.

Bay Area Barns and Trails

assists with the preservation of publicly accessible barns, stables, pastures horse camps and trails. The have recently expanded to provide activities for children related to this mission.



SAL was founded in 1997 by former Sheriff Don Horsley with the purpose of strengthening relationships between youth, deputies, and communities to aid in the intervention and prevention of juvenile delinquency in San Mateo County through positive, dynamic programs. Today, under the leadership of Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, the SAL program continues to thrive and is serving over 11,000 youth per year in programs, presentations and special events throughout San Mateo County.  More information on SAL at


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Session #7 - November 22, 2022 - Two hour session on the same day.

Riding in the Arena after learning the basics

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Alex -I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to horseback ride with your organization. It was an incredible experience that allowed me to escape from the stresses of everyday life and fully immerse myself in the beauty of nature. The horses were well-trained and the staff were knowledgeable and kind, making the ride both enjoyable and safe. I was able to relax and simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Wunderlich Park, taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Horseback riding with your organization was a truly special and memorable experience that I will cherish for years to come. Once again, thank you for this amazing opportunity.
Giovanny -On November 22th I had the great opportunity to go horseback riding in the Wunderlich County Park with the Sheriff's Activities League program. That is one of the days I will always remember as it was my first time riding a horse. My name is Giovanny Magana and I am a sophomore at Menlo and a part of the SAL program. The experience I had is unforgettable and riding alongside the friends I have made with the SAL program is something I will always be grateful for. I was given a horse named "Sparkle", one of the biggest horses with a beautiful white coat. I started by learning how to communicate with my horse using the reins, moving them left, right, or forward depending on where I would like to go. Other SAL members and I initially rode around in the arena getting comfortable with our horses and then maneuvering around cones without touching them. Then we moved on to riding in the gorgeous hills of the Wunderlich Country Park, I felt connected to the nature that surrounded me, and during that time, I was very enthusiastic to ask and learn more about horseback riding. So I asked one of the instructors that were with us about my horse Sparkle. I learned that sparkle spent many years in competitive horse riding and was one of the best horses. Also, I was very curious to find out more about the bond between us and the horses asking multiple questions, I found one of the more interesting things was that the ears of a horse can give us a lot of information on how it is feeling. For example, if the ears are pointed forward, that indicates a horse's concentration, being focused and alert to what is in front. The trail consisted of going up and back down a hill with tight spaces. Finishing the trail I got back to where we initially mounted the horses and said my goodbyes to sparkle. There I learned about brushing horses, and how to keep them clean and healthy with the variety of brushes that goes into maintaining a horse. Then we said our final goodbyes to the instructors who helped give me an experience that I will cherish.  Leaving the site I reflected on the experience as a whole and came to the realization that I had not taken out my phone whether this was to capture photos or check the notifications on social media, I noticed there was no need to pull out my phone as I was enjoying riding sparkle and learning so much about the nature in our world. This is an experience that I believe many people should have at least once in their lifetime, I truly want to thank the instructors at the site, Mason Lok the Program Director, Luis Rangel the Program Coordinator that was with us, and the people who made such my experience possible, this opportunity wouldn't have happened without your help, thank you.
Yasmin -Hi my name is Yasmin I wanted to say thank you for this opportunity to ride a horse I had a great first time. I was able to go on a trail with my assigned horse (Salem) it was a peaceful experience. Salem was a great horse she was patient and a little silly but I enjoyed riding with her. I also learned how to brush a horse/pony and about the different brushes you can use to brush a pony. My favorite part was when we did the obstacle course with the horses it was a little challenging at first but I got the hang of it in the end. I would also like to mention the trainers were both really nice and patient I was a bit nervous but they made me feel comfortable, safe and have fun at the same time. Overall this was a great experience and I'm thankful that I was able to learn how to ride a horse.
Jennifer -Hello, my name is Jennifer Ortiz and I had the opportunity to go horseback riding for the very first time. When we arrived at the ranch, I was very nervous to ride a horse because I was afraid that I would fall down. Our instructors gave us a thorough explanation on how to use the reins on the horse which made me feel more comfortable. We did a couple laps around some cones to get a hang of the reins and to get to know our horses as well. After a couple laps around the cones, we were all ready and trained to go on the trail in the woods. It was very peaceful and I enjoyed having Lady as my horse as she is very responsive and friendly. I had a wonderful time at the ranch and Iím very thankful that I had the opportunity to ride a horse for the first time!
Emily -Hi my name is Emily and I rode Warlock. From it being my first time riding a horse, I felt was quite comfortable. The trail ride was very pleasant and my favorite part. My horse was slow but the instructor and l got to know each other. I learned about the difference between a pony and horse. Also, after the trail was done we got to comb a pony. I really appreciate the opportunity because now I can say that I have ridden a horse.
Caleb - Hi my name is Caleb and I enjoyed my time riding horses. It was really fun and cool to ride an actual horse since I've only ridden a pony when I was little. It was really awesome going through the woods on my horse and most of the time I felt like I was going to fall off my horse, especially when we were going down hill. I noticed that my horse likes their personal space so whenever the horse behind me got a little too close my horse would always turn around and get mad. When I was asking the instructor about the horses, she told me that some of the horses competed in actual horse competitions which I thought was pretty cool. Overall, I loved the experience and am grateful to those that made it happen.

Session #6 - November 10, 2022 - Two hour session on the same day.

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Hade: I rode Sparkles. At first I was excited and a little nervous. Once we got on and took a few steps, I felt comfortable. However, my horse got spooked and bucked me off. But I brushed it off and got back on. I'm glad I got back on because the rest of the ride was really cool. I am very thankful for this new experience.
Angel:  I rode Warlock. I was very nervous when I found out that I would be riding a horse. This was my first time seeing a horse close up and also my first time riding. Warlock was very was nice and listened to the commands we learned. I practiced riding and commands in the arena and then got to ride on the trails. Other than being cold, the trail ride was very nice. hearing the trees rustle and the hooves hit the dirt was a nice experience. Thank you to those that made this opportunity happen. I am glad that my community gets to experience this program. 
Gabriela: I am 15 and I got on Saddie the horse. I don't really like animals and I am always so scared to be around them but that day was my chance to face my fears. When I first got on I was nervous because I thought I wouldn't be able to control my horse but the people from there showed me everything I needed to know about horses and how to make a bond with them. After a while of being on I felt really comfortable with the horse and I really enjoyed doing laps with Saddie. It was a really fun experience to get on a horse especially Saddie I hope I get the chance to go another day.
Daniela: I'm a member of the Sheriffs activities league program. Recently, I got the opportunity to go horseback riding and got to get on a horse named Angel. At the beginning of the horseback riding, I had difficulty controlling Angel since it was my first time ever riding a horse. After a while of horseback riding, I finally got the hand of controlling the horse. My part of this whole fun experience was riding the horse inside the arena because I felt comfortable. Having the chance to ride a horse was a fun experience and I had so much fun attending. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
Ally -Ally: The horse I rode on is Erny. I was kind of nervous because I haven't rode a horse in a long time but I was mostly excited because I love horses so much. Erny was a really good horse I didn't have any trouble with him and he would listen to me when I needed him to go left or right or when I needed him to stop.
Kimberly -Kimberly: I rode Sunday I enjoyed my time there. My friends and I went together I had so much fun to be able to ride a horse there. All the staff were so nice and helpful. I learned so much new things. I always like being around animals just being around all the horse made me so happy. I had so much fun.

Session #5 -October 13, 2022 - Two hour session on the same day.

Walking in the Arena learning the basics

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Group from Casa Circulo Cultural


Casa Circulo Cultural is a community-based multidisciplinary art non-profit, truly vibrant grass-root, dedicated to creating cultural programming reflective of the experiences of the Latino communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, while promoting leadership development for  the whole family.




Alexander: I think the fieldtrip was fun and funny. Andreas horse was funny silly, scared, and crazy. Valentins horse was just slow. I really want to go again and ride sparkle.


Michelle: I liked the horse ride field trip. We went to ride horses and we got to go on a trail. The trail ride was fun because we got the horses and got to visit around. If I have a chance to go again I would love to go.


Andrea: When they told us we were going to go on a field trip I got nervous. When we got there I felt more nervous but when I got on the horse I was calm. My horse was getting too crazy but then I calmed him down. I had fun and I would like to go again.


Odalys:  At first I was happy and wasn't scared but when I heard that we were going to ride the horse I got so nervous that I thought I was going to faint. But when I was going to ride the horse at first I was excited and at the same time nervous because I thought I was going fall from the horse but I didn't thank God. When I started to get a little confident I wasn't so scared anymore I was actually feeling calm. The ride was a very exciting experience for me. If there was another field trip. I would like to have Lucie again she was a very nice horse. If we have another chance to go again I would love my horse to be Lucie again.


Gael : I liked the field trip to Wunderlich Park because we were riding the horses. I liked it because the horse ran away. Another reason I liked the park was because when the horses were doing the bathroom and I died of laughter. I would love to go again.

Session #4 - June 9, 2022 - Two hour session on the same day.

Lining up in the Arena after learning the basics

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Monica - Thank you for giving us the opportunity to go horseback riding!! This is definitely one my most memorable experiences. I got to meet sparkle who was a wonderful horse. When we first got there, I was nervous but after being introduced to sparkle and spending time with her, I felt a lot calmer and more comfortable. I learned that when riding a horse, you need to hold the reins with one hand while your other hand is on the horn of the saddle. I also learned that to get your horse to walk you need to move the reins forward and if that does not work your need to squeeze them lightly with the calves of your legs. For the horse to turn or walk to the left you need to move the reins forward and move them to the left and for the horse to turn or walk to the right you need to move the reins forward and move them to the right. And for the horse stop you need to move the reins towards your stomach. After being taught how to direct our horse, we went on a trail. I personally think that was the highlight of my day because I got to spend time with sparkle and enjoy the beautiful view of Redwood City that could be seen from the trail. Once again, I would like to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me. This experience is one I will never forget, and I would highly recommend horseback riding to everyone.
Melissa  -Thank you for a great experience. What an experience it is to ride a horse on my own with the help of the friendly staff. My horse's name was Warlock. Warlock was very gentle, and, with the help of the staff, I was able to overcome my anxiety of not being able to get along with the horse. It was so cool that I my friends and I got to experience this. I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all who made this happen. It will be something that I will never forget.
Ruben  - Thank you so much for the horseback riding, it was fun to ride a horse. My favorite part of this experience was going on the trail. It was really calming and was fun. The horse I was riding was called Sunday. The Horses and staff were all friendly. My favorite part was the trail ride. I will definitely ride a horse again if given the opportunity. Thank you to all who made this happen. I really do appreciate this opportunity
Emely - Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to ride horses. Most of us, including myself, have not gone on a horse, so for us this was an exciting chance to get on a horse. I want to thank you for letting me meet my horse Lucie, who was a wonderful partner for this occasion. Lucie gave me such an amazing experience. The most fun for me was the trail, I got to ride Lucie for an hour. It was nice and refreshing to go through the trail. Once again thank you so much.
Victoria  - I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have been able to ride a horse. This was the first time I had ever ridden a horse. I got to ride Angel which was a nice light brown beautiful horse. One of my favorite parts from this experience was when I got to go on the trail. I really hope other youth can have the chance to have this same experience because it may be something new to them. Again, I really appreciate getting this opportunity because I learned many new things such as how to control a horse and how to calm them down.
Melissa  - Hello! My name is Melisa. Thank you so much for this fun and exciting opportunity of horseback riding. This opportunity taught me a new skill of riding a horse. Personally, today was my first time riding a horse. I happily learned how to steer the horse. I rode Ernie and it was an amazing experience. Ernie was an amazing horse. Riding Ernie made me feel engaged and joyful. My favorite part was the trail because I enjoyed riding the horse up the mountains. I appreciate having this fun experience. I know that if this opportunity wasn't given to me, I would of never have gotten to ride a horse in my life. Thank you so much!

Session #3 - Mar 30, 2022 - Two hour session on the same day..

Lining up in the Arena after learning the basics

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Alondra - This experience was so fun! Thank you so much for allowing us to be able to spend the day learning about the horses. Growing up, I had always been fond of horses so having the opportunity to ride one is a dream come true. I learned how to properly groom horses and also the different brushes to use. Additionally, I was able to learn how to ride and control the horses using the reins. The staff helping us were so nice and patient. My horses' name was Lucie and she was a very friendly horse. I thought it was funny how she would always want to be close to the other horses. Fortunately, Lucie was very cooperative which was relieving since it was my first time riding a horse. Overall, it was a very fun experience and I appreciate the opportunity. - Alondra
Diana  - I finally got to cross "riding a horse on my own" off my bucket list. I was nervous at first but through the guidance of trained workers, I felt safe and comfortable as soon as I met my horse, Ernie. I learned how to properly brush Ernie's mane and body with difference hair brushes. I also learned what the movement of their ears meant and how to recognize when your horse feels comfortable with you. If their ears are relaxed and listening forward, your doing everything right. I learned how to "drive" so that when we went on the trail, we were all aligned. By simply holding the reins and saying "whoa", Ernie recognized we were getting a bit too close to other riders. Riding Ernie under the trees, getting to viewpoints of Redwood City hearing the birds, and the trees rustle from the wind was not only peaceful but was so incredible. I recommend going because not only do you get to learn and experience riding horses for the first time, you experience an amazing opportunity. You make a new friends with the horses like I did with Ernie. I was excited before actually riding and was left astonished afterwards. I can now say that I have ridden a horse on my own and completed one of my bucket list items. - Diana
Evelyn  - Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to ride a horse for the first time. I learned a lot of new things about those beautiful horses and it was just such an amazing experience being there. I rejuvenated me and made my inner child very happy. I never to experience these things when I was younger so I'm just overall grateful for the experience. Its for sure a core memory that I'll remember forever. The trail ride was definitely my favorite part. - Evelyn
Mia - Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and privilege to ride a horse. It was so nice interacting with all of the horses and the workers. They were all so patient. I got to ride Annie and Blondie. They were both such nice and beautiful horses. Annie was a light brown horse. I really loved this experience riding a horse so again, thank you so much. - Mia
Emily  - Thank you so much for the beautiful opportunity you gave us. I had an amazing time learning how to ride and groom a horse. My favorite part of the experience that I will never forget was when we went on the trail with the horses. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I really hope other youth get a change to have this experience too. - Emily
George - Thank you so much for allowing me to be able to go to this amazing opportunity. This was my first time riding a horse and I had a lot of fun. Being able to ride a horse in the woods and being taught different things about the horse was really exciting and I won't forget it. I learned how to brush, put on a saddle, and how to ride a horse. My favorite part was when we did the hour-long ride because I was able ride a horse in the woods. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope other kids are able to have the experience to ride a horse and have as much fun as I did. - George

Session #2 - Feb 25, 2022 - Two hour session on the same day.

Lining up in the Arena after learning the basics

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Thank you so much for allowing my peers and I to have the unique experience of horseback riding. It was such an amazing experience that was really fun. I had a great time. I really loved learning how to ride and meeting some of the beautiful horses. I especially enjoyed meeting my horse named "Lady". My favorite part was being able to go on the trail and learning to groom the horse. I remember how good the horse looked after grooming. This was definitely something that I can cross off my bucket list thanks to you. - Genesis
Thank you so much for this beautiful and amazing opportunity. I had so much fun. My favorite part was when we rode on the trail. My horse "Angel" was such an angel. Angel was sweet, gentle, and fast. I never thought I would be able to ride a horse through the woods. I also enjoyed learning how to put a saddle on a horse. I didn't realize how much time went into to taking car of a horse. I truly am thankful for the opportunity. It was definitely a "once in a lifetime" experience. - Camilia
I really enjoyed this opportunity. It was a very fun and amazing experience. I learned what it takes to care for a horse and was able to even ride a horse! This was my first time riding a horse so it was very special. I never thought that I would be able to ride a horse through the woods. I learned that my horse, Shasta, was best friends with one of the other horses because they would stay close to each other. Seeing how gentle and friendly these horses are was very interesting. Thank you for this experience! -Ashlee
Thank you for the wonderful experience to ride horses. I was happy and could see that my friends who were riding that day were happy as well. I really liked my horse because it kept rubbing its head on the side of my leg. I hope other kids who get this opportunity to ride have as much fun as I did. -Perla
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to ride a horse. I really liked learning different ways to take care of the horses and how to ride. The nice walk through the woods was my favorite. My sister who was in the first session could not stop talking about how much fun she had. I was jealous at the time but happy that I got the opportunity to ride as well.-Desire
To say my thanks for this favorable moment, is an understatement: I am so grateful that my peers and I were able to have this opportunity thanks to your generosity. I have felt new measures of happiness through this experience. my horse Angel was powerful and nice beyond belief. Once more, this was all made possible by your kindness, for which I am truly appreciative. - Gisell



Session #1 - Dec 20, 2021 - Day 1- Lining up in the Arena after a lesson in horse grooming, saddling and riding

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Mounted Patrol Foundation



Dec 21, 2021 - Day 2- Riding the Alambique Trail in Wunderlich Park



Notes from the youth that rode


I'm very happy I got to opportunity to experience to be around horses. I never knew how much care horses required. I also learned a lot of facts like the difference in English and Western Saddle and the different brushes for grooming. I also liked learning how to control the horse by using the rope. One thing that I found very surprising is that horses can't vomit! The crew that was helping us were very nice and patient. Being able to go on the trail with the horses was a very fun experience and the views were amazing. Being able to be a part of this experience was very fun and memorable. P.S. My horse's name was Shasta -Mariana
For starters I want to give a huge thank you for providing me with the opportunity to have an amazing time. I enjoyed every aspect of my experience from learning how to treat and car for horses to the peaceful trail ride. There was never a dull moment. I was able to build a connection with my horse. I had an amazing time and would definitely do it again if I get the chance. Once again, I truly appreciate the work and effort put in for me to have a good time.-Destiny
I've rode horses before but I never had the chance to ride on my own until today. At first when they told us we were going to ride on a trail I was really nervous but once we got on the trail, I started to get comfortable. I learned that horses aren't able to throw up which was pretty interesting. I would honestly rather ride a horse to get around than to be stuck in a car. If I were to have the opportunity to come back, I definitely would because I had a lot of fun. I would love to learn more about horses in the future. I'm very grateful for this opportunity and wish many other kids can have this experience as well. - Kassandra
I am very happy I got the opportunity to experience how to take care of a horse and learn the difference between an English and Western Saddle. My favorite part about this experience was the trail ride. It was so relaxing and you really got to learn how to control your horse. Another thing I really enjoyed was just getting to know my horse. My horse "Annie" was a lot like me and that's what I loved about this experience. Annie loves to talk and is a little clumsy like me. Overall, I would like to thank everyone who made this opportunity happen for us. -Ariana
This experience was wonderful once in a lifetime experience and I really appreciate everyone who made this possible. I really enjoyed learning how to ride a horse and how to take care of a horse. Thank you for an experience I will never forget.-Alex
It was very fun to be able to learn about horses. I have never been around horses so I didn't realize how much actually goes into taking care of horses. My favorite part was learning how to mount and steer the horses around the cones. Thank you for the opportunity. It was really fun. -Samantha


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