Other Trail projects

Huddart Park Bridge Railings - Jan 2015 - $2,000

The Crystal Springs Trail crosses two little creeks, just above the hairpin turn on Richards Road. A number of equestrians asked about having railings installed on the second bridge, where Crystal Springs Trail crosses two little creeks, just above the hairpin turn on Richards Road

The County estimated the material and labor cost to be $2,000, and was able to do the project last June. The Mounted Patrol Foundation advanced funds so this project could be completed when the County had the resources. The community subsequently donated funds to cover this.




Green Gables Trail  - Manuela Avenue - April 2007 - $18,000


For years equestrians struggled with a difficult, but important, trail system link along Woodside's Manuela Avenue, where the trail ran in the gutter for much of the way.  Through the joint efforts of the Town of Woodside, Fleishhacker property owners, and the Mounted Patrol Foundation this was replaced by the new Green Gables Trail. The Fleishhacker  family agreed to donate a 20 foot easement along the entire Manuela Ave frontage of their property, nearly 1/3 mile.  The plan required removal of the old fence, and constructing a new fence inside the new easement.  The total budget was $37,000 and it was decided to reach out to the community to make the trail a reality.  The Mounted Patrol Foundation led the fundraising effort, and the equestrian community responded with enthusiasm.  This Woodside Trails Committee project moved the old trail off the roadway, up onto the new easement  The new, elevated pathway boasts excellent footing and drainage, and now a safe distance from street traffic.  At the January 232007  Town Council meeting, the Foundation presented a check for $14,780.  Thanks to all those who donated at the New Years Eve Fundraising Party at the Mounted Patrol and those who sent in checks.   The CCC began work in December and cut, hauled and dug thru the cold and rain.    The new  Green Gables Trail. was opened in 2007.   Almanac Online -Manuela Trail article


Crystal Springs - Raymundo Trail   2006 - $1,800


In early 2006 the  Crystal Springs trail from Raymundo drive into Huddart Park had be closed because it was badly eroded.  This was a critical trail for equestrians and pedestrians from the northern area of the town.  Councilperson Sue Boynton and Town Manager Susan George worked diligently with the property owners to obtain dedicated trail easements.  The Mounted Patrol Foundation conducted a fund raising drive for funds to improve this trail and raised $1,800.  The East Bay Conservation Corp/CiviCorp was brought in to do the work and did a great job completely rebuilding and widening the trail.  This was the first attempt at fundraising for trail projects by the MPF,  and validated that equestrians are enthusiastic about supporting trail efforts with their money.


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