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Disabled Equestrians Organization

The Disabled Equestrians Organization (DEO) represents individuals that are moderately disabled and use a horse or mule to provide them access to trails in the outdoors.  The causes of their disabilities are varied, and include accidents, old age and disease.   Some of the areas affected are knees, lungs, hearts, backs, ankles and eyesight.  In spite of the diversity of ailments, these individuals all share a common solution to their disabilities: they use a horse or mule to carry their worn out bodies to the places that millions of Americans enjoy: the beautiful high country of the Sierras, the rolling hills of the California coast, and many other public parks and forests.  To fight for the rights of Disabled Equestrians to access public parks, forests and open space.


WHOA! (Woodside-area Horse Owners Association)

The Woodside-area Horse Owners Association was founded in 2006 as an advocacy group. Its mission is to "preserve the fundamental role of horses in maintaining the rural character of the Town of Woodside and neighboring foothill communities, to enhance opportunities for equestrian activities, and to promote the enjoyment of horses in all their various roles".


Chaparral Ranch

Chaparral Ranch manages Folger Stables, and provides horseback riding lessons and trail rides in Wunderlich Park for the general public.  They partner with Excel Equestrian to provide trail rides for veterans and children. Call (408) 726-8453 for reservations.


San Mateo County Horsemen's Association

SMCHA was founded in 1940 and has over 600 members,  The San Mateo County Horsemenís Association is formed for the purpose of sponsoring, cultivating and fostering an interest in fine horses and fine horsemanship in all types of horses throughout the State of California and in the County of San Mateo in particular; to give aid and support to every type of activity concerning horses; to sponsor any activity which will further the general purpose thereof, such as, but not limited to, horse shows and parades; to assist and encourage the acquisition, building, maintenance and supervision of bridle paths, horseback trails and the rights-of-way thereof, as well as accommodations for the riders and horses thereon; and to do any and all things in furtherance of horsemen and horses.


Los Viajeros Riding Club

Los Viajeros holds monthly trail riders in the Bay Area, and throughout Northern and Central California.  This non-profit corporation is formed to foster interest and participation in trail riding; to encourage the acquisition, building, and maintenance of riding trails and rights of way thereof; to encourage the construction of horse/rider accommodations, overnight horse camps, and stables along the riding trails; and to do any and all things to promote friendship and safe trail riding among equestrians.


Mounted Search and Rescue

MSAR is an official arm of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.  They train regularly on mounted search and rescue methods and techniques and are called out when necessary by the Sheriff.


Woodside Community Foundation

WCF is a 501-c3 founded in 1952 that supports the charitable interests of the Woodside Community. These interests may include community service, education, arts, preservation, recreation and landscaping of public areas.


CHAPS (Community Horse Advocacy Program for San Mateo County)

The MP Foundation acts as a Fiscal Agent for CHAPS and works closely with them to raise funds to provide riding programs for disabled veterans, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) foster children and SAL children and improvements to equestrian facilities.



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