Building the All Weather Trail in Huddart Park

How the trail was constructed


First the trail is prepared with a Trail Machine. 

Holes are filled in.  The trail is sloped to the outside



When the trail prep is done it looks like this, and is ready for base rock



Ronnie drove a 10 ton truck up and down the winding roads of Huddart Park

and  dumped many load of base rock from Langely Hill Quarry in various staging areas in Huddart Park. 

A total of 3,500,000 pounds of base rock were used

This spot is on the Archery Fire Road, near the top of Chinquapin.



The buggies are loaded with 2000 pounds of base rock



The buggies had to travel up to 1/2 mile down the narrow single track trails, hauling the base rock



The Grader attachment is the "secret" tool that spreads the base rock to 3" thick and 48" wide.



The Grader is pulled backwards with the buggy. 

Each buggy load can do 20 feet of trail, so there are lot of trips to be done



Sometimes the grader needs a helping hand



Next task is to compact the trail with a 3000 pound vibrating roller

It sure looks pretty now, but after a winter, it will be covered with leaves and twigs,

and look very natural.



The new bridge on Crystal Springs that was replaced





In 2008, Phase I of the All-Weather Trails in Huddart Park project was completed. 

The success of this effort was documented in the San Mateo County Horseman's Association Newsletter

The fundraising solicitation for All Weather Trails in Huddart Park Trails Phase I  can be viewed.

In 2009, Phase II was completed.

The fundraising solicitation for All Weather Trails in Huddart Park Trails Phase II  can be viewed also.

For questions, send an email to: email Request for Information on the All Weather Trail

Look at the color map of the color map of Huddart Park Trails .


I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the following:

-----The many generous folks who donated to the trails

-----San Mateo County Parks - Dave Moore, Priscilla Alverez and the rest of the staff at Huddart Park.

-----Yakima Construction who did all the hard work


Don Pugh


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