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The Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County Foundation (aka Mounted Patrol Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) Charitable foundation.  The taxpayer ID is:  75-2991593

There are two sources of donation funds, Endowment and Directed Donations.

The Endowment Fund was begun with $54,000 of contributions from the founding members back in 2003-2004.  In the years since, MP members have made additional contribution with their membership dues for the Endowment of $66,000, for total contributions to the Endowment of $120,000.  Thanks to prudent investment practices over the years, the Endowment has grown to $370,000. The goal of the Foundation is to make annual discretionary donations of up to 5% of the average principal balance of the Endowment Fund to worthy equestrian causes in the area.

Project-Specific Funds/Donor-Directed Funds:  These are funds raised for a specific project, or funds from a donor for a specified cause.  Examples include the projects for the All Weather Trails in Huddart and Wunderlich Parks, hitching rails, and the Bill Lane Fund. We thank the hundreds of individuals and organizations who sent in donations from $25 to $10,000 that helped to make these projects successful. 


CHAPS - Community Horse Advocacy Program for San Mateo County.  The MP Foundation acts as a Fiscal Agent for CHAPS and works closely with them to raise funds to provide riding programs for disabled veterans, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) foster children and SAL children.  CHAPS also raised funds for improvements to equestrian facilities at Folger Stables in Wunderlich Park.


Guide Star  maintains information on non-profit organizations, with 1.8 million IRS filings in the system.  The goal is transparency into the financials and activities of non-profits.  The Mounted Patrol Foundation has been awarded their Silver Seal of  participation:




100% of the funds collected go to support designated programs.  The administration and overhead are all  provided by volunteers or supported by specific donations.   There is a modest annual outside expense for preparation of tax return and Form 990 - approximately $1,600 per year.


IRS Form 990 is the return for an organization exempt from Income Tax.

Form 990 has balance sheet and income/expense information and is a public document and available on




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