Annual Report to Stakeholders - 2018

Summary of Activities 2018

Our Vision:


The Mounted Patrol Foundation believes that horses and equestrian activities have helped create a wonderful, healthy community in and around Woodside, California. The Mounted Patrol Foundation seeks to honor the legacy of this area by continuing to support, maintain, develop and encourage equestrian facilities, activities and heritage in the Town of Woodside, the county of San Mateo and the state of California. Our vision also includes the preservation of horse habitats and trail systems to provide both opportunities and environments conducive to the enjoyment of horses for horse owners and the public at large.


Our Mission and Grant Record:


The Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3), charitable organization that works in collaboration with local government, other public agencies and other non-profits to support and promote equestrian activities and facilities in the area. The Foundation also serves as the fiscal agent for CHAPS - Community Horse Advocacy Program for San Mateo County - and works closely with them to achieve our mutual grant-making goals. In the 16 years since our founding, the Mounted Patrol Foundation has made grants exceeding $373,000 to more than 40 horse- and equestrian-related organizations, activities, and facilities. CHAPS has made grants exceeding $164,000.


Discretionary grants are made from the Endowment Fund that began with contributions from the founding members back in 2003, and grew as Mounted Patrol members and others have made additional contribution. Thanks to prudent investment practices over the years, the Endowment has grown to $330,000. The goal of the Foundation is to make annual discretionary grants totaling 5% of the average principal balance of the Endowment Fund to worthy equestrian causes in the area.


Project-Specific Funds/Donor-Directed Funds: These are funds raised for a specific project, or from a donor for a specified cause (donor directed). We thank the hundreds of individuals and organizations who, over the years, have sent in donations ranging from $25 to $10,000 that helped to make these projects successful.


$39,000 in Grants Made in 2018


In 2018 the MP Foundation provided discretionary and donor-directed grants of over $39,000 to the projects listed below. Nearly 2/3 ($25,027) of the grants were made possible by the generosity of Project-Specific/Donor-Directed funds in support of these projects. We want to thank the following for their generous support:


Gold Star supporter

WHOA - Woodside Horse Owners Association


Silver Star supporter

The Don and Carole Tanklage Foundation


Bronze Star supporters

BABT - Bay Area Barns and Trails

SMCPF - San Mateo County Parks Foundation

Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks

Los Viajeros Riding Club and its members

San Mateo Horseman's Association and its members

Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County and its members

Bill Lane Family Fund

And many other individuals and groups


The remaining 1/3 of the grants were from the Mounted Patrol Foundation Endowment Fund.


Wunderlich Bypass Trail ($14,490)

As a result of the rains of 2016, a major slide occurred on the Alambique Trail, just below the Crossroads, that completely blocked access to upper Wunderlich Park. The Mounted Patrol Foundation worked with San Mateo County to design and lay out a new Bypass trail for horses, runners and pedestrians. The Mounted Patrol Foundation managed the fundraising for the $24,490 needed to cover the cost of building the Bypass trail.  WHOA was a major supporter of this project.


Camp Fire Relief Funds ($6,550)

The horrendous fires in Paradise burned barns and other equine facilities, leaving many horses homeless.  To help mitigate this situation, the Camelot Equestrian Park offered over 200 stalls to displaced and homeless horses that were impacted by the fire  The MP Foundation raised $6,550 to help pay for the food, vet care and medicine so desperately needed now and for the months to come, for these horses.


Scholarships for College-Bound equestrians ($3,000)
These scholarships were founded by Bill Lane some years ago, and were created to honor individuals who strive to support horsemanship and the western heritage lifestyle.  Applicants are high school juniors and seniors participating in the annual Mounted Patrol 4th of July Junior Rodeo.  The scholarship awards are judged on academic standing, a written essay describing their educational goals and how these goals will help preserve horsemanship and the western lifestyle.  Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks help support this effort.


Winner of the 2018 $2,000 scholarship is Erin Shipley, of Madera, California. She plans to attend California State University, Fresno and will compete on their rodeo team. Following graduation, Erin plans to attend medical school with the US Navy and become a cardiothoracic surgeon.


Winner of the 2018 $1,000 scholarship is Kaitlin Raynor, of Woodside, California. Kaitlin plans to attend UCLA and major in civil engineering. She comes from a self-described "horse obsessed family" and sees herself using her civil engineering training to pursue a career in sustainable urban development that can be equine-friendly.


Trail Rides for Veterans and CASA ($5,000)

Wunderlich County Park is graced with the last public horse facility in San Mateo County. With the County's blessing and the support of private donations, CHAPS and the Mounted Patrol Foundation strive to make this Park and the 104-year-old Folger Stable an inclusive and welcoming environment for the general public and, in particular, for those less fortunate. WHOA was a major supporter of this project.

Horses for Heroes provide free trail rides and lessons for military veterans who have served our country and are referred from the Veterans Administration Recreational Therapy Program. We strive to provide the joy of a horse to these veterans who have given to our country so dearly.

Healing Hearts with Horses provides riding opportunities for disadvantaged and underserved children of our community. We strive to provide the joy of a horse to kids who have so little.


NCEFT ($2,400)

The National Center for Equine-Facilitated Therapy is dedicated to helping children, adults, and military veterans with special needs through equine-assisted therapies, education, and research.

For 48 years, NCEFT has helped thousands of children, adults, veterans, and first responders with neurophysiological, cognitive, sensory processing, and psycho-social challenges with equine-assisted therapy, adaptive riding, summer camp, special education school programs, and a wide range of other equine-assisted activities.


Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks ($1,480)

The Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks promote environmental awareness and education through community participation in the preservation and enjoyment of our local parks. We assist the park rangers in maintaining the parks and conduct educational programs through the development, management, and financial support of community volunteer efforts. Friends' docents lead nature hikes for kindergarten through fifth grade schoolchildren in Huddart Park. The groups walk through the range of our local ecosystems, including chaparral, redwood forest, mixed forest, and riparian zones.


Grants to Other Equestrian Organizations ($6,100)

Additional grants have gone to organizations serving children and equestrians which  include Junior Riders, Pony Club, Horse Park, WHOA, One Step Closer, Sweetbeau Horses, 4H, Sheriff's S.T.A.R. camp, and the Flag Foundation


Active Projects for 2019


Replacement of the bridge over Towne Creek in Pescadero Creek County Park 

The West Brook Trail has been a favorite of hikers and equestrians for many years.  It goes down the beautiful Towne Creek valley among towering redwoods and crosses Towne Creek near the bottom, on a bridge that was constructed many years ago. The old bridge is 20 feet long, and was built with abutments at the edge of the creek.  Over the years, the creek has eroded the western abutment which required that the trail be closed.  The Mounted Patrol Foundation is seeking donations to build a replacement bridge over Towne Creek at an estimated cost of $25,000.  WHOA, BABT and SMC Parks Foundation are supporting this project.  For more information:

 Town Creek Bridge in Pescadero County Park


2019 Scholarships for Equestrians

The MP Foundation will continue the tradition of awarding scholarships to college-bound equestrians at the Mounted Patrol 4th of July Junior Rodeo.  We are looking for outside help to raise additional funds to expand this scholarship program.


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