Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:


The Mounted Patrol Foundation believes that horses and equestrian activities have helped create a vibrant, healthy community in Woodside California and the surrounding area, and  Historically, horses were essential to life in the United States for transportation, work and pleasure. The Mounted Patrol Foundation seeks to honor this legacy by continuing to support, maintain, develop and encourage equestrian facilities, activities and heritage in the town of Woodside, the county of San Mateo and the state of California.  Our vision also includes the preservation of horse habitats and trail systems to provide both opportunities and environments conducive to the enjoyment of horses for horse owners and the public at large.


Our Mission and grant record:


The Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), charitable organization that works in collaboration with local government, other public agencies and other non-profits to support and promote equestrian activities and facilities in the area.  The Foundation also serves the fiscal agent for CHAPS - Community Horse Advocacy Program for San Mateo County - and works closely with them to achieve our mutual goals. During the 16 years since our founding, the Mounted Patrol Foundation has made grants totaling over $539,000 to over 40 horse- and equestrian-related organizations, activities, and facilities.

These goals include:

Current Fundraising Projects and Completed projects

Jack Brook is OPEN

June 15, 2021


The trails in Pescadero Creek County Park had become overgrown, and high winds caused numerous tree falls, making the trails impassible. We worked closely with the County to figure out a plan to reopen Jack Brook Horse Camp in June. It had been closed all last year, and there were COVID concerns and trail issues which hampered reopening.


We raised $11,739 to hire a crew from the San Jose Conservation Corp to clear 25 miles of trails, cut 36 fallen trees, cut overgrown brush, whack the weeds and trim overhanging branches


Thanks to Mike Bushue who volunteered to manage the project and direct the crew  for the week they were working.


See More - Jack Brook opening

The Woodside Equestrian Merit Scholarship

November 2021:

The third annual $10,000 Equestrian Merit Scholarship, sponsored  by the Mounted Patrol Foundation and WHOA! (Woodside-area Horse Owners Association) is announced and ready to receive applications.


Please inform high school seniors that display high academic achievement, high community involvement and significant equestrian activity.  For the 2022 scholarship, application and information will be on the MP Foundation's and WHOA's websites.

See more in Woodside-area Equestrian Scholarship

2021 Year to Date Grants

2021 year to date, the MP Foundation has awarded $63,013 in grants to worthy organizations


● SMC LAEG - Support Horse evacuation - $40,606
● Jack Brook – Pescadero Creek Park clearing trails - $11,739
● Horse Park - Support Rescued Horses - $5,000
● Equestrian Merit Scholarship - $5,000
● SMCHA Clinics -Instructors, Ad- $1,800
● SMC 4H - Scholarship - $1,000
● Sweetbeau Horses - Wild Mustang Rescue - $1,000
● NCEFT - General support - $1,000
● Horse Park - Sponsorship - $750
● Horse books for Children -NCEFT - $118

Since the MP Foundation was founded in 2002 , over  $539,000 has been awarded to equestrian related organizations.

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