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The Mounted Patrol Foundation Scholarship program funds scholarships for deserving students that are involved in equestrian activities. Since 2011, ten  scholarships have been awarded to deserving competitors in the 4th of July Junior Rodeo.

NEW for 2020

WHOA! - Woodside-area Horse Owners Association

and the Mounted Patrol Foundation

Announce a $10,000 Scholarship


The Mounted Patrol Foundation and the Woodside-area Horse Owners Association (WHOA!) are pleased to announce a new scholarship, the $10,000 Woodside-area
Equestrian Merit Scholarship Award
, jointly sponsored by the two organizations for a deserving local high school senior with a demonstrated involvement in equestrian activities as well as academic achievement and community service..


Both the Mounted Patrol Foundation and WHOA! share a deep interest in the next generation of equestrians, as well as a commitment to helping them achieve worthwhile goals, through each organizationsí ongoing activities and now through their joint sponsorship of the this scholarship award.

Recipient must meet the following criteria:


The application link is below.  Please complete all sections of the application by typing in the form fields. Once complete, print and sign, then scan and submit by email to   Incomplete applications will not be considered.


The $10,000 scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient's college or university in support of the recipient's tuition, fees, room and/or board.

The deadline for submission is April 10, 2020 by 3:00pm. Decisions will be made by May 29, 2020.
Finalists will be required to provide transcripts showing their GPA.


WHOA MPF SCHOLARSHIP 2020 Application Form


Mounted Patrol Foundation - 4th of July Rodeo Scholarship program

Since 2011, scholarships have been awarded to deserving participants in the 4th of July Junior Rodeo.   The awards are based upon the students academic achievement, community service and equestrian skills.   They were established by a gift from Bill Lane some years back to recognize the Western Equestrian Heritage.  The Foundation has supplemented the award with additional funding from discretionary funds.


To be eligible, high school Juniors and Seniors participating in the annual Mounted Patrol 4th of July Rodeo could apply and are judged on academic standing, a written essay describing their educational goals and how these goals will help preserve horsemanship and the western lifestyle.


Mounted Patrol Foundation Announces 2019 Rodeo Scholarship Winner


The Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 academic scholarships. One scholarship funded by the Bill Lane Scholarship fund a for $2,000 was awarded by the Mounted Patrol Foundation.


Makenna Byrne from Gridley CA was awarded this  $2,000 scholarship at the 2019 4th of July Rodeo.  She has an excellent academic record at Gridley High School.  Her poem Where I am From was outstanding.  Where_I_am_From by Makerna Byrne



Mounted Patrol Foundation Announces 2018 Rodeo Scholarship Winners


The Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2018 academic scholarships. Two scholarships totaling $3,000 were awarded by the Mounted Patrol Foundation. A $2,000 scholarship funded by the Bill Lane Scholarship Fund administered by the Mounted Patrol Foundation and an additional $1,000 scholarship funded equally by The Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks and the Mounted Patrol Foundation. For more information on Friends, click   Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Park website

These scholarships were created to honor individuals that strive to support horsemanship and the western heritage lifestyle that the Honorable Bill Lane Jr cultivated through his lifetime work and as publisher of Sunset Magazine.

Winner of the $2,000 scholarship is Erin Shipely, of Madera California. Erin plans on attending California State University, Fresno and will compete on their rodeo team. Erin plans on attending medical school with the US Navy and become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Erin hopes that following medical school she wishes to compete in the professional rodeo association and start a business breeding barrel racing horses. We wish her all the best in her equine and educational endeavors.

Winner of the $1,000 scholarship is Kaitlin Raynor, of Woodside California. Kaitlin plans on attending UCLA in civil engineering. Kaitlin comes from a self described "horse obsessed family" and sees herself using her civil engineering to pursue a career in sustainable urban development that can be equine friendly allowing children the opportunity to grow up enjoying the equine lifestyle that she has enjoyed. We wish her nothing but success in her educational and equine future.

Please join the Mounted Patrol, The Bill Lane Scholarship Fund, and The Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks in congratulating these two very deserving scholarship recipients.


History of the Mounted Patrol Rodeo Scholarships - 2011 to 2018


The Mounted Patrol Foundation has, annually since 2011, awarded a college scholarship to a deserving competitor in the Mounted Patrol's 4th of July Junior Rodeo.  The source of the funds for the scholarships has been Lane family donations to the Foundation over the years, earmarked for the Rodeo, augmented by funds from other donors and from the Foundation's discretionary funds.  The following is a listing of the past awardees:


2011 Emilie Shadle Tarleton State University 1,000
2012 Terrilyn Balaam Feather River College 1,000
2013 Christine Flock California Polytechnic University 1,000
2014 Austin Paddock Merced College 1,000
2015 Morgan Peterson Cuesta College 1,000
2016 Meredith Raynor California Polytechnic University 2,000
2017 Emma Rosmando Otterbein University 2,000
2018 Erin Shipley California State University Fresno 2,000
2018 Kaitlin Raynor UCLA 1,000
2019 Makenna Byrne HS junior 2,000




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